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who is FRANChocky?

FRANChocky is a field hockey brand with an actual difference; a new way of thinking. It's a brand that looks for ultimate perfection in whatever it does. "Nothing is ever good enough" is a mindset synonymous to FRANC. Performance, design and value are the core principles to FRANC whether in the products or customer service.  It's these principles that set FRANChocky apart from the rest giving you the lovely customer the ultimate FRANC experience.


With over 15 years design experience in the sport FRANChocky represents those players who give it everything come rain or shine whether at training, in the game or in the clubhouse. Blood, sweat and tears those boys and girls who will put their body on the line for the team and think nothing of it, those players who understand what it takes.


FRANChocky prides itself on high grade, technical manufacturing and innovative design combine this with clean, sleek, awesome looks and amazing customer service you have yourself the FRANC difference giving you the confidence to perform on and off the pitch.


FRANC wants all customers to be 100% satisfied in every single way and won't stop until this is achieved. If you've got an issue don't be shy get in contact with us or if you want to celebrate FRANC leave a little message.


FRANC hopes that you get as much satisfaction out of your experience as what we do creating it.



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