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OK so stuff breaks sometimes...


Here at FRANChocky we strive for perfection however we're only human and sometimes mistakes can be made some big some small however, a mistake is a mistake and we will go to any lengths to sort them out ASAP with as little grief to you our beautiful customers as possible. Below we've laid out what the FRANCguarantee covers and the returns process (it also confirms what it doesn't cover)



We guarantee to replace all our STICS, SHNS, CHAMOIS & APPAREL from MAJOR MALFUNCTION for 3 months from date of purchase. The MAJOR MALFUNCTION must be confirmed by us before any replacement is sent out.


We guarantee to deliver any items purchased from in the time scale agreed at the time of purchase.


NOTE: This is a no quibble guarantee; we won't quibble if you won't quibble it works both ways. If you're not honest then our relationship has broken down it will also eventually catch up with you so beware.


If you genuinely feel you've been hard done by or you deserve some justice then please see the RETURNS PROCESS below.




A MAJOR MALFUNCTION is condsidered the following;


1) A STIC snaps cleanly into more than one piece due to a manufacturing fault or the outer shell crushes following normal field hockey use. (we all know what we mean, where the edge/blade just kind of falls apart real easily)


2) The shin plates/material/stitching to a pair of SHNS fails following normal use.


3) The stitching comes loose on a seem to a garment or the print/embroidery on a garment comes away from said garment.




Just to try and make it clearer we have listed some things that are not considered a MAJOR MALFUNCTION.


1) A small piece of the inner structure breaks off inside causing a rattle (bit like a rain stick) providing the ultimate perfromance of the stick is not affected then you'll have to put up with it.


Other scenarios which may also apply;


2) You missing a sitter, flipping out and smashing your stick against the ground, goal or something other than the turf and the STIC snapping. Get to training.


3) Throwing your STIC across the pitch in anger and it breaking because of said out burst, this will result in a lengthy ban and also some anger management advice from FRANC. That's it.


4) Your STIC paint work or laquer being chipped/damaged because someone put a hard tackle in, that's the game unfortunately.


5) Deliberately tampering with something, say a pair of SHNS, right at the end of the 6 month guarantee and making a claim for MAJOR MALFUNCTION. Not cool brother/sister.


6) Abrasion from the pitch you're playing on wears down the STIC head or rips the material on your SHNS. Anything other than water based and possibly sand dressed pitches will wear the STIC head down. Until we reach a utopian state and all play on said latter pitches that's just the way it is.




In order to start your returns process drop us an e-mail on stating the following;










We will respond to your case within 24 hours (even on the weekend) and send out a pre-paid returns bag to your stated address if a MAJOR MALFUNCTION has occured. Please include as many photos as possible to back up your "ISSUES:" statement we cannot accept liability without the item being returned to us at FRANC HQ so we can fully assess the problem and get to the bottom of it. We aim to complete the whole process in no more than 48 hours. It also means we can ensure it doesn't happen again in the future if there is a manufacturer issue.



This can happen and is usually incredibly annoying, something doesn't quite fit or got the wrong size or we sent you the wrong item (doesn't happen ever) no problem don't wear it, use it, share it, look at it do anything with it other than return it and we will replace if free of charge obviously.



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