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All FRANCstics are a product of research and high end quality manufacturing

using the latest in field hocky technology and only the best materials to

ensure that you, the player, is given the edge over your apponent.


There are a whole multitude of things that come together everytime to make a

FRANCstic what it is. Some things are physical, some things are chemical and the rest is unconditional. FRANC loves to share but telling all would give away our secrets, so look over to see a few of things which make your stic and ultimately you perform so well.

Every OUTDR and INDR FRANCstic is formed using a full carbon sub and super structure weave composite add to that a secret combination of bonding resins and the rest hockey heaven...

With a continuous dual core running from top to bottom FRANCstics maintain full length stiffness with unparalleled shell retention...

All FRANCstics use a multi-layer reinforcement build up to the toma-blade as well as the head plate end blade, increasing power, improving shock transfer and improved wear capabilities...

co New York Times 

Using the rubber cap to the butt of the FRANCstic's provides built-in shock absorbtion reducing it to an absolute minimum enhancing comfort and striking confidence...

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