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With the cold snap due in a few weeks FRANChocky has some tips to keeping your stick in good shape and performing as it should.

Due to its high Carbon content Carbamide can be brittle when cold so when playing in temperatures below 10 degrees try and do the following;

1) Don't leave your stick in your car over night it's too cold for too long.

2) Try and keep your stick at room temperature at all times.

3) Warm your stick the morning before your game or training on a radiator at home and then in the club house or changing room.

4) When warming up, training etc don't go flat out straight away build the stick up pushes, slaps and then soft hits building to hard hits let the stick fibres warm up gradually.

Also if possible try and use balls which are cork filled these play better in the cold like Kookaburra Saturns they will be more forgiving however they're expensive.

If you have any other tips send them in we'll be happy to post them.

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